Jennifer Casey Photography, capturing life moments to preserve precious memories. 

My Story

It seems like it's been a lifetime but I moved to Maryland six years ago.  I fell quickly in love with this gorgeous state and its melting pot of residents and visitors.  I have to tell you that it's my love for Maryland that kick-started my photography journey.  Back in Boston I taught for many years with a focus in the arts.  My camera was just another medium until I moved to Annapolis and became a resident tourist.  My passion for photography just exploded; I couldn't get enough. I started with landscapes and waterscapes of course.  Then I became quickly enamored with the local wildlife; herons, osprey, and blue crabs to name a few of the wonderful fauna of the area.

I thought it would be fun to share these moments with other like-minded people.  So I started a photography meetup group.  The group grew quickly and I connected with a variety of photographers of many different skill levels.  It was an amazing source of inspiration and my passion for photography swelled.  It was like a snowball rolling downhill picking up everything that would stick.  I just went with it.  Quickly the teacher in me started to surface.  As people needed advice and direction I realized that I could combine two loves, photography and teaching.  

As time went by I had a few really fun opportunities.  I’ve spoken at many of the camera clubs in Maryland.  I'm one of the Office of Tourism’s Maryland in Focus photographers and my photography has been on the cover of the Capital Gazette’s Guide and What’s Up Annapolis.  I’ve had a few viral photos which I’m still in awe of.  As my exposure grew so did my interest is portrait photography.  I love landscapes and wildlife but there is something special about photographing a person and capturing a moment and an emotion. 

What I love most about my photography origin story is that it was all a natural progression.  I love photography and followed my heart and here I am 6 years later, living the dream I didn’t even know I had.