Hey There! Thanks for your interest in leading events/education for Naptown-PhotoWorks-Maryland. I'm excited to expand Naptown Photo and Photoworks Maryland. I've reached out to a hand selected group of photographers to bring on board so if you're reading this I want you to know that I'm totally one of your fans and I'm honored you're willing to join me on this journey.

I started NP almost 4 years ago and PM almost 2 years ago and between the two I'm about 250 events in at this point. With my growing business I just can't keep up the pace as well as I'd like too so here we are. One of the most important aspects of these groups for me is the sense of community. I'd like that to always be the focus and offerings should be high quality and priced affordably.

Here is a break down of what I'm thinking. 

Free events will be listed on Naptown Photo and all pay events will be listed on Photoworks Maryland. This way we can utilize more exposure on meetup.com

All events will now also be listed on a new website (to be announced - we'll just call it NPW site for now) this website will be an information hub for people in our area interested in photography education and it will host information from both groups. The goal for this site is to highlight NPW and all of our educators.

This site would include

Group education - All about workshop offerings.

Highlighted events - Extra special events

Social gatherings - Free events

Private lessons - Information about choosing/contacting a NPW educator for private lessons

About us - All about our educations and organizers

On this site I'm excited to highlight each educator with their own page and include a headshot, bio, examples of work, links to website and social media. You're current offerings will be listed as well as your cost for private lessons. (only if you are interested in offering private lessons) This website will also be the spot where people pay for their workshops because I don't want to handle everyone's money. I really just want to be an access hub for you all. So each workshop will have a pay now button connected to your own paypal (You'll have to provide the code for this with each paid event listing). At this point I am not charging for access to this platform but I plan to reevaluate in 6 months and was thinking something nominal like $5-$10 listing fee per event (depending on workshop price). The charge would truly be to cover costs of hosting the site and meetup sites.

Still interested? Let's chat!